Chick Webb/Benny Goodman Savoy Battle 80th Anniversary!

Did you know that 80 years ago - May 11, 1937 - history was made at the legendary Savoy Ballroom as two of swing's greatest bands met head-to-head? Benny Goodman traveled to the Home of Happy Feet and alternated sets with the house band, Chick Webb in the "music battle of the century."  While some may still debate which band swung harder, at the end of the night the real winners of the Battle of the Bands were the SRO crowd of 4,000 who packed the Savoy (in addition to another 5,000 on the sidewalks outside).

Frankie and Norma were there, here's how they described that night:

Frim Fram is excited to honor this anniversary by having its two organizers and house DJs, Heather Flock (representing Benny Goodman) & Ryan Swift (representing Chick Webb & Ella Fitzgerald) go head-to-head on May 11, 2017 as the official kickoff to the final BABBLE weekend!

Our Annual(ish) Fram DJ Survey Returns!

Hey Frammers - we want to know what you think about Frim Fram! We've been trying real hard since we last asked, but it turns out we're still not mind-readers. So we've brought back the annual Fram DJ survey to get your direct feedback on the DJs and the overall experience you've had at Frim Fram!

Please take this survey and let us know your favorite (or not-so-favorite) DJs from the past year, and any other local DJs you'd love to hear at Fram but haven't.

We've also got a few questions that will help us improve your overall Fram experience, shape how we get the word out about Frim Fram, and guide us as we plan special events in the future.

All submissions will remain confidential so please be as honest as possible.  If you want/need a handy link to share with your friends, you can just point them to

We will also try to have printed versions of this survey at Fram! Thanks in advance for your honest feedback, and remember that you can reach out to us anytime via email: